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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Manipulating the Markets

There have been a lot of articles of late showing the manipulation of the stock market.  Karl Denninger has been actively watching this.  Here is the most recent video of Karl showing this manipulation.

In a prior video, July 5th, Denninger shows the activity in action, where you can see the orders hit the market, but get pulled back before they can be filled.  This caused prices to falsely adjust.  In another example of market manipulation, back in March of this year Zero Hedge and GATA put out an article about whistle blower Andrew Maguire, a London metals trader,  who walked the CFTC through the manipulation as it was occurring.  Maguire told the CFTC, back in November of 2009 what company was manipulating the market and when it would occur next.  Maguire provides 2 days notice to the CFTC on the next manipulation, during non-farm payrolls on February 5th, 2010 and then multiple times after.  The CFTC took no action on these forewarnings.  The actual articles referring to these events can be found at these URLs.

In May of this year, the main media really started to recognize this manipulation in the markets.  So why can't we seem to get some real action out of the agencies responsible for policing these actions?  Why are  people saving for retirement in their IRA's, 401K's and investment accounts constantly getting looted?  This needs to gain more public outrage, as it is your money they are stealing.  Make no mistake they are stealing from you.  They have advantages in the market that we, as individual investors will never have (so much for level playing fields) and that is what is legal.  What is being pointed out here is illegal activity, which needs to be addressed first.  It makes it very hard for an individual investor (investor, not trader) to adjust his/her portfolio to be defensive against economic conditions with this kind of activity going on.

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