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Friday, August 6, 2010

Fun Facts About the Economy

Tracking figures from the US Debt clock we come up with the following figures in a 48 hour period:

  • US National Debt grew by .04%
  • Interest on Debt grew by .04% 
  • Foreclosures increased by .016% ( or 163 )
  • Bankruptcies increased by .022% (or 315 )
  • Food Stamp Recipients increased by .046% or (14909) 
  • M2 Money Supply Grew by .031% (or 2,719,532,493)
  • Personal Savings decreased by a whopping -18.3% (or -602,954,220 )
  • Credit Card Debt decreased by -.04%
  • Consumer Credit decreased by -.02%
Although Consumer Credit and Credit Card Debt decreases (but may have something to do with the number of bankruptcies, consumers using savings to pay down debt or both, not sure on that one), the remaining figures do not bode well for our economy.  This was shocking the amount of change in just 48 hours.  For those that have not been to the US Debt Clock located at .  There you will see some other shocking figures that as of this writing we have 975,102 foreclosures in 2010 and 1,423,950 bankruptcies in 2010.

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