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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Disturbing Trend Across America

There is a disturbing new trend growing across America.  This trend is the reduction of Police and fire department workers due to city and state Budget gaps.  Budget gaps affecting cities and states across America are forcing the layoffs of local police, state troopers and fireman.  They seem to be the easiest cuts to make by state and local lawmakers, but does it make sense?  I have to believe that there are other areas of loose spending that could be cut.  For example the city of Bell California was paying its local government workers outrageous salaries [read more ...].  That is not to say that every city/state overpays their workers, but is an example of places to look.  An example of why cities are being forced to reduce their public safety/emergency forces can be illustrated in this video:

Emergency Press Conference on Netwark Budget Gap

A few examples of these cuts can be found at the following links:

East St Louis cuts include almost a third of the police force [ read more... ]
Lynnwood eyes 'crippling' cuts to police force [ read more... ]
Will Thousands of Police Layoffs Unleash Chaos & Anarchy Across America [ read more... ]
Ohio official tells residents to 'Arm Themselves' amid police cuts [ read more... ]

This is only a small sample of articles on this issue, if you google "police force cuts" you will see many more articles for other cities.  This is a serious issue facing our nation and what is being done to address it?  This is just one of the big issues we face in this economic recession.  Unfortunately I do not have an answer to this problem for all cities and states as the conditions vary.  Each government body and its people need to seriously look at what is important and agree on what cuts need to take place, while still ensuring public safety.

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