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Saturday, February 4, 2012

This week M1 money supply (which includes currency, checks, demand deposits and other checkable deposits) saw an increase of 3.3% month over month.  M2 money supply (which includes M1 plus retail Money Market Mutual Funds, savings and small time deposits) saw an increase of 1.35% month over month.  Year over Year M1 increased 16.28% and M2 increased 9.3%. These are much bigger numbers than seen in 2010 and 1st half of 2011. 
Figure 1

Figure 2
Figure 2 shows a big change in Year-over-year increase from the prior year and eclipses the rate of change experienced in 2009.  If the economy is so healthy, why are we printing so much money?
Number of persons on Foodstamps continues to climb, as shown in figure 1.

Figure 1.

The primary beneficiary of this phenomenon seems to be JP Morgan Chase, refer to link here for more information.  Figure 2 shows the number of persons on food stamps since 1975.

It would seem the jobs number is somewhat of a sham.  See article from zerohedge and the direct video from trimtabs is as follows:

Zerohedge research:

Video on youtube: