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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Crisis of Middle-Class America

I read an article in the Financial Times today about a few families at various parts of the country with very similar problems.  These families were very hard working (some working 4 jobs) and were just weeks away from being out on the streets.  They are considered the middle class, but are struggling to make ends meet.  One family had been behind in their house payments by 3 months and the bank has tried to foreclose on them.  I find this an interesting article, because it make forces me to think of what will happen to these decent, hardworking people when next years tax increases come.  Will the proposed tax increase be the straw that breaks the camels back?  I certainly hope not.
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A Case For Silver

This video outlines a story for Silver investment as a currency hedge. Silver has an industrial demand component and more is being exposed about the manipulation of the silver markets. The more we expose the manipulation of the Silver markets and inform as many people as possible about this manipulation, the quicker Silver can be restored to its status as a store of true value.

Ron Paul on the markets

Ron Paul, a month ago, addressed the house on the current state of the financial crisis and where we are going.

Gold Market Manipulation Coming Unravelled

Gold Market Manipulation Coming Unravelled
Adrian Douglas points out the blatant manipulation in the markets through one of the largest gold swaps in history of 346 tonnes of gold.  In his article he points out how 10 banks were involved in "a series of unusual deals"  that confused gold market traders.  Adrian's article is just one of many pointing out that when in the gold bullion market, investors may want to seek physical assets as the questions of whether there is real gold in them thar banks covering paper assets is becoming a growing concern.