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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Are you going to listen to them again?

The media, Bernanke and market pundants were wrong before, why would you listen to them now?  I have  heard from various people that the market is recoverying, these people listen to the main media and our leaders. I tend to weigh on the side of market fundamentals and what they tell me.  Summer time is always a shaky time historically, hence the old trading adage "trade till may then go away".  We most likely won't see anything of substance until September/October timeframe.  With the media hyping the economy again and our leaders saying we are on the road to recovery, I wanted to remind everybody of a few things from 2007.

Here is a video where Peter Schiff tried to warn people, but main market pundants laughed it off and said the economy was healthy and will be for the foreseeable future. I you listened to them, you lost.

These videos are posted as a reminder, that you can't always believe what your being told, you have to do some digging for yourself and decide if the economy looks healthy and why? Once you have an answer to that question, consult your investment advisor to find the best strategy that fits your beliefs.  Another note, some people think they have are back to even in their investment accounts from prior to the crash, problem is they are including their employer match over the past year and may be overlooking what they have contributed as well.  Be honest with yourself so you can create a decent strategy.   Having your head in the sand is a strategy, but not a good one.

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