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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekly King World News Interviews

This week King World News interviews Robin Griffiths, John Embry and Art Cashin.  Topics discussed include the Central Banks, Gold, Silver, Bonds/Emerging markets, rising interest rates, U.S. Stock markets and the economy going forward.  This is great information, just remember any vested interests speakers may have in gold or any other commodity to keep an unbiased look at your possibilities.

Robin Griffiths - Discusses how the Central Banks say they can prevent inflation when we get it, but a lot of nations already have it.  Robin also makes the point that they really don't want to raise interest rates, which is the other issue.  He also discusses why investors are leaving or should leave bonds when the FED is printing money.  Robin advises that Gold has a positive long term outlook, but could bounce off its 200 day moving average short term.  

Robin sees new trends going counter secular out of bonds and emerging markets and into big blue chip equities, but is a trade due to the market already being above fair value.  He suggests that oil will move toward the high of 150 per barrel again.

John Embry - Discusses that the Gold correction is a manufactured correction.  John also discusses how China has announced an increased effort to add 10,000 tonnes of gold to its reserves and what effects that may have over time on the price.  He also discusses how Silver inventory has become very tight and that investment demand in silver has increased over gold demand right now.  John says the theory behind QE is to reduce interest rates, but it is actually is having the opposite effect and inflation is more than anybody is willing to admit.

Art Cashin - Discusses how we have been up 10 of the last 11 weeks and is hurting those bearish on the market.  He discusses Egypts situation is having effects throughout the middle east and how the secretary of state that oil reserves are running out (peak oil).  Saudi Arabia has overstated their oil inventory and that information has not made its way through the markets yet.

A lot more information being shared on these interviews, plus more information on the KWN site.  Goto to for more.

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