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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weekly King World News Interviews

This week King World News interviews Rick Santelli, Jim Rickards & John Hathaway.  As always the KWN interviews prove very valuable in gaining further insight into what is going on in our markets and economy.

Rick Santelli - Discusses austerity and its effects on the markets.  He also talks about the banking crisis and how we are putting band-aids on the issues facing the banks and economies, which are not helping much.  Rick answers Jim Rickards question of where Japan got the money to buy bonds from Portugal to help Portugal out of their mess, especially when Japan's debt-to-gdp is the highest in the world.  Rick talks about how gold is not so correlated with inflation anymore and that it is really more of a economic safe haven (as opposed to inflation hedge) and may go higher later.

Jim Rickards - Discusses Alan Greenspan talking about possibly going back to a gold standards.  Jim says the American people should be included in a public debate to talk about moving to a gold standard to create monetary stability.  Jim says inflation is theft from the poor by the rich, as the rich can afford to protect themselves against inflation.  Jim discusses the world economic forum's idea of generating $100 trillion dollars to support global growth.

John Hathaway - Discusses gold consolidation and that the things that are driving gold are still in place and that long term gold will do well.  John also talks about endless QE to keep this market and liquidity up.  John thinks that jobs and the economy will remain week which will perpetuate the QE.  John says the selling in gold and silver is mainly in the paper gold/silver market effecting the prices, but physical gold demand still remains.

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