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Saturday, January 15, 2011

King World News Interviews

King World News interviews Art Cashin, Ben Davies, Bill Fleckenstien & David Einhorn with some must hear information in the markets and the economy.

Art Cashin - Discusses the fact that the S&P has been over its 10 day moving average for 30 straight trading sessions which hasn't happened in 100 years.  Art discusses that the FEDs banks have hit the largest profit in history on the assets it bought and could face the greatest loss in history if rates go up forcing bond prices down.  Art mentions issues in food and commodities, siting scarcity of food & water resulting in riots.  He mentions that if rice spikes in price again, things will change drastically.

Ben Davies - Discusses crisis that is in front of us and supply constraints.  Ben is very bullish long term on commodities and bearish on debt due to issues in monetary policy and sovereign debt.   Ben believes that silver and gold are very undervalued at this time due to issues in the economic system.  He discusses how loose monetary policy in the U.S. is exporting inflation all over the world.

Bill Fleckenstien - Discusses the Municipal bond markets nasty break and a nasty break in the stock market coming.  Bill talks about the fact that the focus has been on the Euro and/or possible fracture of the Euro, when the U.S. is in greater trouble due to money printing.  He mentions we seem to be in a stagflation environment with Food and commodities are rising fast yet prices in other sectors are down (things we don't need to live are getting cheaper).

David Einhorn - Discusses his book on how he got started in his own business and how his father started his own business from scratch.  He reviews experiences of starting a business and lessons he learned in doing so.  David talks about the European debt trap that is being created where Germany isn't really guaranteeing the debt. 

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