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Sunday, January 9, 2011

King World News interviews Rick Rule, Jeffrey Saut and John Embry this week.  These interviews span precious metals, energy and the stock market and are great perspectives to consider when making your investment decisions (be aware of their interests though, as always).

Rick Rule - Discusses the high volatility we are going to experience in 2011 and how investor are going to have to ride through it and have good strategies.  Rick talks about precious metals and gold stocks.

Jeffrey Saut - Discusses the possibility of buying banks again.  Jeffrey says that 2011 will be the year of the banks.  (I think it may be the year of bank failures).  Jeffrey says he is not bearish on the stock market, but becoming cautious.  Jeffrey also discusses the demand for energy is going higher causing energy prices higher (Crude Oil and Nat Gas).

John Embry - Discusses how tight the physical market in Silver is.  John thinks based on this silver will go to $50.00 per oz in the short term.   John discusses issues in the Comex which have been happening with the banks and wealthy (assuming his is referring to he banks and wealthy whom are taking physical possession of silver, link here).  John suggests the Government is holding the stock market up through POMO and primary dealers (great thinking).

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