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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekly KWN Interviews

This week King World News interviews Victor Sparendeo, Ben Davies, Robin Griffiths and Jim Rickards.  Discussions range from U.S. money printing, the FED, the EU/European/Euro problems ahead and Gold.

Victor Sparendeo - Discusses where George Soros really thinks gold is going.  Victor talks about inflation that is to come down the road and gives a brief history of inflation in the U.S.  Victor discusses what George Soros means when he says Gold is in a bubble, which means it is heading for a bubble but is not necessarily in a bubble yet (hence why he is still a buyer).

Ben Davies - Discusses the Soveriegn and Banking crisis in the EU and how that is coming to roost.  He discusses how all these fiat currency systems are a giant ponzi scheme and breaks down past issues with various currencies.  Ben discusses in detail the Euro and the issues of countries leaving the Euro or staying in the Euro.  Ben also discusses the possibilities of the Euro falling around 2012 and put pressure on all other currencies.

Robin Griffiths - Discusses the mass exodus from the bond market that is occurring now.  Robin discusses the ties between Germany and Ireland and why they continue to back Ireland, as well as why the European community has a lot of changes down the road to continue to get bailed out.  Robin talks about how important China/Asia is for the world and how they have a lot of power in the world currently.

Jim Rickards - Discusses 2010 in an economic review of the year and issues that were incurred in 2010 and prior.  Jim also talks about the actions of the FED and the repercussions of its actions.  One thing pointed out by Jim is that "Job 1 of the FED is to protect the interests of the banks".  Jim points out that the way you help the banks is by creating inflation and that seems to be the FED's main mission.  Jim also talks about themes in 2011.

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