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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Weekly Fund Flows

We had another week of money flowing out of domestic stocks, taxable bonds and municipal bonds.  This past week, bonds accelerated their sell off by billions more.  With the potential for defaults in the municipal market being talked about, it seems that investors are electing to depart the municipals instead of being a part of a potential free fall.  Figure 1 shows the large reversal in bonds from inflows to outflows.
Figure 1.

Domestic funds (shown in figure 2) continue their sell off since I started tracking this and has been selling off billions week for week.  Foreign money flows continue on the upside with $2.241 billion of inflows this past week.
Figure 2.

Taxable mutual funds started their sell off the week before, but accelerated its sell off from -$401 million to -$3.766 billion.
Figure 3.

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