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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Weekly KWN Interviews

This week King World News interviews Ben Davis (part II), James Turk, Michael Pento, Rick Santelli & Art Cashin.  Each guest has great information on what is currently happening in the markets.

Ben Davis - Discusses the Japanese markets, Gold moves and volatility in the market.
James Turk - Discusses gold, silver and  fiat money concerns
Michael Pento - Discusses inflation, the Fed policies and how they effect inflation and our lives.  He also talks about monetization of debt and currency devaluation.
Rick Santelli - Discusses the Fed and what changes in power that has been afforded to the Fed.
Art Cashin - Discusses the foreclosure mess that we are in and may force banks to revalue assets (like they did a few years ago).  He also talks about grain prices, corn and other agriculture commodities and how we are moving into scarcity of these commodities which may force prices up or rationing.

Some of these individuals represent gold.   I have no problem with it, as they have great information, but you have to keep in perspective that some individuals representing gold/silver are going to give information that puts that asset into a better light.  I think the information these individuals put foreword is pretty thorough (first thing I always look for).  I just believe that you should always know what a persons interests are, keep your skeptics hat on and keep fear to a minimum (if your prepared and informed you have less to fear) to help you make better decisions.

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