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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kyle Bass on the Economy and QE2

Kyle Bass talks about the out of control spending and QE2 which is coming in November.  QE2 was rumored to be 1 - 2 Trillion dollars, now Kyle brings up that 7 trillion has been floated.  Kyle also discusses ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy) and how this tool is really effective anymore which means the FED can only print and monetize (hence QE2), thus debasing the currency further.
Part 1
In the second video Alan Fournier joins Kyle to talk about global growth and sovereign debt.  Alan also talks about the debt markets (or bonds) and how people are getting exuberant.  Alan differs with Kyle on his views of equities, but not a lot behind why.  Kyle continues about debt and the amount of interest that will mount if we move into inflation.
Part 2
In the final video Alan discusses housing and how important it is to our economy.  Kyle discusses how household debt has dropped considerably, but most of that is due to foreclosures.  Kyle says we need to dramatically cut Government spending to start our economy moving in a better direction over time.
Part 3

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