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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Weekly Fund Flows

Another bad week for domestic funds as an additional $4.15 billion was removed.  Foreign funds saw an increase in activity as $1.127 billion flowed into foreign funds.  The bond market bubble continues to blow up with an additional $5.421 billion invested this past week.
A total of $35.739 billion has been removed from the stock market since July 28th 2010.  That is a lot of money coming out of the equity markets, no wonder the Fed had to start up POMO purchases again to get the markets moving again.  The FED has, through its Primary Dealers (AKA Plunge Protection Team) pumped $43.7 billion into the markets since August 17th 2010, to keep the market gears a movin.  Wow that is a lot of money holding up our markets.
As you can see above, another week of funds flowing to foreign stock with a grand total of $1.944 billion flowing into foreign stocks since July 28th 2010 (that is the sum of inflows+outflows in foreign stocks).  The money flowing out of domestic stocks year to date is approx. $57.673 billion, with a majority of that coming out since May 2010.  
Bonds continue higher with a grand total of $68.151 billion flowing into bonds (Taxable + Municipal) since July 28th 2010.  The money flowing into bonds year to date is approx. $241.941 billion. 

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