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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Market Discussions with the Pros

King World News had some pretty big hitters on its air this weekend.  They discuss the economy at length and what we are in for, with more issues in the banking industry.  Click on the following links to hear them:

Jim Rickards Part I - Discusses Basel III and capital requirements for European banks and how it falls short of what is needed, which will cause a longer term banking failure.
Jim Rickards Part II - Discusses talks about a Gold war and how China is being shutout of Gold, as well as tax cuts and preserving wealth.
Chris Whalen - Discusses the Banking Industry and potential problems down the road, as well as the damage the governments monetary policy is doing to the banking system.
Art Cashin - Weeks Market Wrap Up, covers gold and a story on mortgages that went viral this week.
John Williams - Founder discusses the real numbers for the deficit and hyperinflation.

This is great information that will enable you to make better decisions for your finances or give you great information to start discussing with you financial advisor so you both can make smart decisions on your money.

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