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Monday, September 27, 2010

Bond Bubbles, USD Devaluation and Inflation

Richard Volpe of RBS seems to have it down on rates and where the dollar is going.  I ignore the stocks and commodities discussions (it's their job to pump stocks) in this video, but more interested in Richards information on what the FED is doing through QE2.  Richard mentions that QE2 will be anywhere from 1 to 2 Trillion dollars, but re-iterates this is not going to be done all at once.  Seems like this number gets bigger each time I hear about it.  Another topic discussed is how low rates can go as 2 year treasury rates are hitting a record low (approx. 2.8%) after a $36 Billion auction.  Another point is that it should be concerning that the fed has to use over $1 Trillion dollars to revive the economy.  This really sends the message that these rally's in the market and pumps by main media are false.  A healthy market doesn't need such a big injection.

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