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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekly King World News Interviews

This weeks KWN interviews include guests like Nigel Farrage, David Kotok, John Hathaway, Jim Rickards and Art Cashin.  Nigel Farage gives a great speech to the EU that you just cannot miss.

Nigel Farage - Covers the speech Nigel gave at the European Parliment.  Nigel discusses the Euro and its possible collapse due to Greece and Ireland bailouts and the upcoming possibility of Portugal and Spain requiring a bailout.  Nigel points out that most of the EU is stuck in inflation, but Ireland and Greece is stuck in deflation which will lead to a Grimm future for those countries.

David Kotok - Discusses municipal security issues and the states and cities challenges in the municipal bond market.  David talks about cities in the U.S. that are facing bankruptcies and are looking for the courts to make decisions on the debt cause they don't want to take fiscal discipline to remedy the situation. 

John Hathaway - Discusses why gold started heading higher Friday is because there doesn't seem to be any end to the printing and bailouts in the U.S. and Europe.   Also, Europe is now going down a path to larger problems in the banking systems.  John believes we are now past the point of no return in this crisis and we aren't getting out of paper money devaluating.

Jim Rickards - Discusses China and the FED putting their cards on the table about Monetary policy and that China is announcing that they will acquire Gold to hedge against the FED's printing to ensure the world they will not over-rely on the U.S. paper.  This is a part I of a 2 part series.

Art Cashin - Discusses how energy and food prices may inflate higher next year which will impact the economic recovery.  He also discusses how we came very close to martial law in the past financial crisis and that we are headed for another banking crises going forward.

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