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Sunday, November 21, 2010

King World News Interviews

This week KWN interviews Pierre Lassonde, James Turk, Rick Rule and Art Cashin.

Pierre Lassonde - Discusses Gold prices and the correction in Gold that has happened or could happen.  Pierre estimates a 10-20% correction in Gold at some point, but in the long run it will continue higher.  Pierre talks about investing in small miners and the possibilities of them being gobbled up by the larger miners.
James Turk - Discusses Gold price suppression and how that is now changing due to the attention around price manipulation in the Gold and Silver markets.  James discusses the Bull market in the mining stocks and XAU and HUI due to the wealth that is being created.  James sees gold going to 8k and 400 silver by 2015.
Rick Rule - Discusses physical inventory of the silver market and how it will be tough to come by in coin form due to tightness.  This could cause the price to go higher.  Rick also discusses Agriculture and how we could experience food shortages in the future.
Art Cashin - Discusses the markets action over the past few weeks, commodities moving up and China starting to hoard base metals.  Art also brings up China's raising interest rates suppressing commodities pricing.

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