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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Trade Balance and Initial Claims

The Trade Balance and Initial Claims numbers came out this morning and on the surface look to be positive news.  I'll get this out briefly now and have a deeper dive later to see what is real and what is not.  The trade balance forecast was -47.4B and actually came in at -42.8B.  The -42.8B number was better than previous number of -49.9B.  Initial claims forecast was 470K and actually came in lower at 451k.  This 451k number also beat the previous number of 478k (revised up).   I'll correct the charts below to reflect revised numbers, but may alter them as well to reflect revisions as they are really distorting the numbers as we don't normally get a formal announcement of revisions, which have been worse.  Markets are not moving on this news, so a deeper dive of the numbers will need to be.  Here are the charts for both:

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