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Friday, September 10, 2010

Dow from 1000 feet up

If you think we are in a rally maybe this picture will convince you otherwise.  We seem to be moving sideways in the markets right now.  This could be confusion about where the economy is going or a new trend for the next few years as big bank computerized trading continues to encourage remaining investors to coming into the market during rallies and then sells the market short taking their money.  You can see with the green line, we broke the upward trend in the Dow and are now in the channel shown by the Yellow lines.  This is not an exact science, as I have learned over the past years of prior trading, but is a relatively good indicator of direction.  once the channel gets tighter, which it is already starting to do, it will pick a direction out of that channel.  I think the direction depends on a few things that are closely related; Debt and how we are going to repay it without devaluing the dollar excessively (we need a plan),  the second major item is our reserve currency status (implications that go with that like replacing the dollar as a currency and/or replacing it as the reserve currency) and finally how do we become a producing country again ( returning to a positive trade balance once again). 
It is hard to tell, in this manipulated economy, what could sway the direction of the markets (as statistics are heavily manipulated and hard to trust), but for my money it is the major items above.

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