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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

State Bailout Money Being Held for Future

As the federal bailout money is being distributed to the states to keep teachers employed, some states are reassessing their situation.  Instead of hiring back the teachers they laid off, they are analyzing their budget deficits for next year and using the money to prevent further layoffs.  The Los Angeles Unified school district in fact, may still have to layoff thousands of teachers even with the bailout money.  Now from prior research and a prior posting, some of this money was to be used for retention of Police and Fire employees as well.  This leads me to wonder if any of that money is going to make it to retain emergency services.  The money was to be used on current school year, but as with any government mandate has loopholes that carry them through to 2012.  This deserves more follow-up to find out if any money went toward emergency personnel retention like it was so highly touted.  [ Read more... ]

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