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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Debt Binge is Going to Hit a Wall

More and more talk of Government spending coming to an end, but very little action in doing so. At some point as the budget continues to grow with revenues not growing, our need to borrow has done nothing but go up. So what happens when nobody will lend us money (hitting the proverbial wall), except for the FED, whom will buy up our debt. The only problem with the FED purchasing all of our debt (QE) is that other countries faith in our dollar will continue to dwindle if not dwindle at an accelerated rate.

In the Rachel Maddow show,  Paul Ryan discusses privatizing medicare and have retirees go out on the open market to get insurance (which is in bad need of reform).   U.S. Citizens are not going to want to privatize Medicare as it leaves them very uncertain on their healthcare.  So, this leaves as at a crossroads, how do you cut debt on overspending and not make a group of us or all of us out to dry.  This will be an issue that will be tackled long term and I just cannot see this getting solved any time soon.  A good answer would be to bring back jobs to the U.S. and raise revenues, while reducing deficits where possible (no easy answer).

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