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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekly King World News Interviews

This week King World News interviews Greg Weldon, Bill Fleckenstein, Jean-Marie Eveillard, & Rick Rule.  Great interviews discussing hot topics that are relevant to all of us right now.  Topics cover food, inflation, metals, currency and such.

Greg Weldon - Discusses his thoughts on commodities and the equities market, where there could be a lot of people stuck when everything changes.  Greg talks about the FED's printing money and the interest that will come due on our debts soon (as well as increasing interest rates).  Greg also discusses that house prices are going to go down instead of appreciating for a while, due to too much supply.  As central banks (other than the U.S.) increase their interest rates due to food inflation, the U.S. dollar will depreciate further.

Bill Fleckenstein - Discusses the breakdown in confidence in the U.S. dollar by certain people (Bill Gross, Marc Faber and etc).  Bill also talks about the fact the deflation argument was always invalid because the FED would never allow it to happen (as witnessed by the FEDs printing).  Bill points out that the money printing is creating multiple manias and it is not going to end well.  He points out that metals still have a way to run as people realize their fiat currency is being made worthless.

Jean-Marie Eveillard - Discusses metals, the bond market and economy.  He thinks the bull market in the Bond market will be over soon as their has been a 30 year bull market in bonds and the returns on bonds are still puny.  Jean-Marie believes the policies in the U.S. (according to the Austrian school of Economics) is highly inflationary.  

Rick Rule - Discusses his thoughts on silver and how their is a shortage in physical delivery of silver.  Rick says the April, May time frame silver may really move higher due to this physical storage issues.  Also, silver is in backwardation as physical is going for more money than the futures market.  Rick believes the physical demand for gold is so high now that gold will not pull back below current levels.  Rick also discusses the fact that energy prices will go higher in the near future (especially oil).  He believes oil will be a huge disruptor on the economy in the future.  Rick sees Natural gas demand will go up again due to demand.  He discusses changes in agriculture and food shortly due to multiple reasons.

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