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Monday, December 13, 2010

Spotlight on Banks' Exposure In Europe

The WSJ's Nina Koeppen wrote an article in todays Money and Investing section entitled "Spotlight On Banks' Exposure In Europe" where Nina points out that German and French banks exposure to Ireland and the southern rim of the euro zone was greater than previously thought for the second quarter.   Quoting the BIS data, here are the following countries exposures. 

CountryTotal Exposure

Total Exposure to the PIGS is $2.2813 trillion dollars.  Of this Germany is exposed to $512.7bn or 22.47%, France is exposed to $410.2 bn or 17.98%, USA is exposed to $352.9 or 15.47% and Great Britain is exposed to $370bn or 16.2% and finally other Euro areas are exposed to $281.1 or 12.3%.  Here is the link to the BIS report.

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