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Sunday, November 7, 2010

KWN Weekly Update

King World News interviews this week included Jim Rickards, Robin Griffiths, Jeffrey Saut & Bill Fleckenstein.  Discussions this week include the dollar decline, Gold/Silver, possible short squeeze in metals,

Jim Rickards - Discusses how the futures exchange works for Gold and Silver and how if the exchange get massive calls to take delivery to obtain gold or silver, the exchange will declare a timeout and when it is settled, they will cut you a check on the difference (not really gonna get your gold).  Jim also says that QE2 isn't really $600 billion it will really be more like $1.2 trillion (mainly cause their is no real end date assigned to it) and that it will not really impact the economy.
Robin Griffiths - Discusses the uptrend in Gold due to the downtrend of the Dollar (based on monetary policy).  Robin brings out the strategy of the Fed to prevent Shock and Awe by announcing a low number of monthly purchasing and giving an amount short term ($600 billion), but there is no stop announced, so it will most likely be $1.2 Trillion.  Robin also discusses that if the dollar index goes below 74, then China will want to dump dollars and we could see a 20% drop in dollar value.
Jeffrey Saut - Discusses Stocks, investment and chasing stocks.  Jeffrey also talks about areas he sees worth investing in currently.
Bill Fleckenstein - Discusses inflation and how prices for companies have been going up and will effect their bottom line.  Bill continues with the Feds actions and how it is creating distortions in the market to make reasonable decisions on what to do.

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