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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weekly KWN Interviews

This week King World News interviews Peter Schiff, John Embry, Bill Laggner, Eric Sprott & Art Cashin.

Peter Schiff - Discusses the falling dollar, the Fed and how to protect yourself.  Peter discusses getting into hard assets and Warren Buffet.  Peter thinks that QE2 is going to happen as well as QE3, QE4 and so on.
John Embry - Discusses the economy and where we are going, as well as Gold targets.  John goes into the case for higher silver prices due to demand and short supply.  John, also talks about diversification into hard assets (agriculture included).
Bill Laggner - A hedge fund manager discusses currency wars, U.S. pricing money at zero and becoming currency trades (China and Germany not happy about this).  China now restricting imports from the U.S. on poultry, as well as exports of rare earth materials to the rest of the world to include the U.S.  Mortgage Putback estimates (on the big banks) could be so high that the banks will have to raise capital again.
Eric Sprott - An asset manager discusses investing in Gold an Silver stocks and possible big moves on the HUI (Gold Bugs Index).  Eric also brings up how all countries are debasing their currencies is improving the likely hood of Gold going up as its perception as a reserve currency is gaining more momentum.  Silver's rise is really putting the squeeze on the banks who are shorting it to suppress the price and they may not be able to continue to short (along with investigations into price suppression).
Art Cashin - Discusses the Feds measured move on inflation and how it could become toxic to the system.  Art also mentions until we get a firm grip on QE2 it will be hard to interpret any economic data.

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