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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekly KWN Interviews

This week King World News interviews Jean-Marie Eveillard, Jim Rickards, Felix Zulauf and Art Cashin with the weekly wrap up.

Jean-Marie Eveillard - Discusses QE2 and continued printing of money.  He points out that it is very unlikely that the U.S. will stop printing, but if they did it would be bad for gold.  He says bonds are priced for perfection right now and if anything goes wrong will hurt bonds.
Jim Rickards - Talks about Ted Truman  and how he said the United States should sell its goal and how crazy this idea was.  He says that Central Banks cannot get behind Gold publicly because they would create a run on Gold.  Jim believes that the U.S. will eventually have no choice but to default on the debt causing a massive deflation or collapse of the dollar.
Felix Zulauf - Discusses differences in Gold and Silver as an investment.  He discusses money flows in the market and how money if flowing into the emerging economies and the effect it is having on their currencies.  Felix discusses the outlook for the Euro in the long term as well.
Art Cashin - Discusses the weekly market wrap up.  Art discusses the devaluation of the dollar and inflation's effect on the dollar.

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