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Monday, October 11, 2010

Insider Stock Sales & Purchases

This is just another tool in your tool belt to help you in deciding whether to get into the stock market.  I have graphed the output from Bloombergs Insider Stock Sales and Purchases so you have another data point when making that decision to invest in stocks.  An insider is someone that works for a company (like a CEO, director, manager, individual contributor and etc).  The numbers reflect the amount of money that has transacted in selling or buying stocks by insiders (as an aggregate of all reported selling/buying).
As you can see there is much more money pouring out of stocks held by insiders than is coming in.  You can barely see the blue line representing purchases by insiders.  Use this tool along with the weekly Mutual fund flows and monthly ETF flows to help aid your decisions.  As always, consult with a certified financial advisor to aid you in making the decision as to the right place to invest your money.  

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